Baggage Information

The weight of the aircraft baggage allowance is limited by the airlines in each case. This baggage allowance varies per airline and travel target, but this information is always indicated on the ticket as well. If the baggage weight exceeds the prescribed limit, baggage in excess of the permitted allowance is also allowed to be checked in by the airline to a certain extent and for a surcharge. The rate of the surcharge for baggage in excess of the permitted allowance can vary, but it generally amounts to min. EUR 4-5 / kg. Please make sure to place items that you may need at any time (e.g. medicinal products) in your hand luggage, because the checked-in baggage is taken away at check-in already, which can happen up to 2 hours prior to departure as well. Your name and contact information should be indicated both on and inside the suitcase. A sticker printed specially for this purpose may also be obtained at the airport, but of course any label is suitable if it contains the necessary data. Since baggage is loaded quite energetically everywhere, fragile items are in no case recommended to be placed into your check-in baggage! Items that are permitted should rather be taken on board as hand luggage. In case of items that may only be carried as checked-in baggage, please check with your airline in advance the manner in which the airline agrees to carry such items. If upon arrival you notice that your baggage has been damaged, immediately contact your airline representative still at the airport, and have a protocol recorded. The same applies if your baggage does not arrive at the final destination. At the airport, also baggage wrapping can be requested for certain a surcharge, which helps to keep the baggage intact, but what is even more important, it makes it impossible for any thefts during baggage handling to remain unnoticed. In addition to the checked-in baggage also one piece of hand luggage can be taken on board, whose maximum permissible weight and dimensions also vary by airline. In general, hand luggage up to 10 kg in weight and 55x40x20 cm in dimensions is usually allowed (which fit in the overhead compartment or under our seat). In respect of the exact weight and size limitations please contact the relevant airline or our customer service.