Tickets Changes

From the aspect of ticket changes, there are significant differences in the rules relating to scheduled or discount (low-cost) airlines. In the case of scheduled flights generally the lowest fares cannot be changed (trip cancellation insurance can be concluded in this case) while higher classes may be changed for a certain amendment fee, and the most expensive ones (usually business class) may be changed free of charge. It is generally not possible to change the name on the ticket, only the date can be modified. At the majority of low-cost airlines name changes are possible in exchange for a certain charge. The date can be changed in each case subject to payment of a fixed, modification cost, and of the difference between the original and new ticket price. It is very important, however - irrespective of the ticket we buy - that if the first phase of the ticket is not be used by the passenger, then the airline will automatically cancel the rest of the reservation (the onward or the return flight). If you have already started the journey - and the ticket conditions so allow - our office or the local representative of the airline concerned must be notified of any change to the return flight date at least 24 hours before to the original date. Otherwise the return flight will be lost.