Business travel

Our company, one of Hungary’s market leader business travel managers, offers an opportunity which, thanks to technology developments, is unique in our profession.

Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. began operations in September 1997, as the first office in Hungary engaged solely in air ticket sales. The Company is a member of the International Air Transportation Association - IATA, as well as the exclusive Hungarian representative of the GlobalStar Travel Management business travel association. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. (GlobalStar Travel Management Hungary), providing a full range of travel services, is among the 15 business travel management agencies having the highest turnover. The Company’s annual sales turnover is in excess of USD 10 million and it has about 20 employees.

Company name:AIR PARTNER Repülőjegy Iroda Kft.
Registered seat:3530 Miskolc, Mártírok utcája 2.
Managing Director:Attila Salamon
GlobalStar Manager-Business Travel ManagementGyörgy Barna
Incorporation:1997 (Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft.)
Annual turnover (2015):3,2 Billion HUF
Operating Licence Number:U-001743
IATA Number:31-2-10756

Our Company places great emphasis both on corporate and incentive travel management, conference organisation, organisation of leisure trips, both in respect of incoming and outgoing travel arrangements. Over 100 satisfied companies, institutions, multinational companies, small and medium-sized companies, as well as our returning private customers, the ISO certificate, our qualified staff and experienced management all demonstrate our commitment to quality and expertise over the past 19 years. Customer satisfaction and trust has been an important factor for us right from the start. Thanks to the 19 years of experience gained in the Hungarian market and customized services, we are proud of our many long-standing customer relationships. As a result of our stable and balanced teamwork, at our office the concept of fluctuation is unknown, we have been available to our partners with the same staff since 1997.

In May 2010, our Company was at a crossroads and made a decisive step, which may result in unparalleled benefits for you as well. Air Partner Repülőjegy Iroda Kft. signed an accession treaty with the international organisation GlobalStar Travel Management, thus becoming the sole representative of the organisation in Hungary. Our Company complied with the stringent financial requirements of the accession in every respect. GlobalStar is a travel management organization under the control of the local travel agencies and owned by the same agencies. 80 market leaders - with a total annual turnover of 13 billion dollars - combine their local expertise, business strength and commitment with the global organisation of GlobalStar, so as to offer through innovative technologies a multinational and coherent solution in business travel management. In recent years, in supplementation of our travel philosophy to date, we have gained additional global experience in business travel management, which helps us to stay innovative and dynamic. The core idea of GlobalStar Travel Management operations is to preserve the nature of local business travel patterns, and, at the same time, to provide cost-effective operation to our partners by cutting-edge, world-class technologies.



Why Air Partner?

  • Leading, independent IATA agency, with stable financial background
  • Representative of one of the largest international organizations - Global thinking, local services
  • Access to world-class technology
  • Impeccable business ethics
  • High-level personnel and technical preparedness
  • All services are available in one place
  • Flexible, customer-focused service
  • 24/7 availability without additional costs
  • 19 years of teamwork with the same staff
  • ISO 9001: 2009 certificate
  • Development of more favourable rates at preferred airlines (Account Management)